Hokitika A sunny, busy provincial service town supported by expanding dairy, tourism and mining industries. Link to Climate © John Johnstone 2010 NZHK / HKK  -  Hokitika Airport -42 42 49.00  170 59 06.00 -42.713611    170.985000 Aviation in Westland has a proud and long tradition.  Hokitika was the base for New Zealand’s first sheduled airline service. In 1952, Hokitika’s airport was moved from the Southside Aerodrome on the south bank of the Hokitika River to its present site on the flat terrace overlooking the town. Hokitika is one of the least windy towns in New Zealand.  With regard to aviation and in respect of conditions prevailing elsewhere in New Zealand, Hokitika enjoys skys that are relatively clear and uncongested. ICAO - NZHK / IATA - HKK